Curriculum Working Group

The informal chat with staff and parents on 5th February discussed how the Glenfarg area can be used as a focus for a context for learning.  We discussed the different areas that could be covered throughout the seven years of our children’s education at Arngask.

We came up with:

The railway

River Farg

Farming / other uses of surrounding area

Buildings- history of them and the changes in use

Arngask Church and graveyard

Motorway/ changes in transport


As mentioned, this was by no means the end as we were not really local to the area and are sure there are other things that could be raised.


We looked at how the class teacher present their planning with the children about the context for learning, which the children are heavily involved with and Mrs Marshall explained a little bit about how this works in each class. We discussed where can we access information for learning linked with Glenfarg- Mr McPherson who is the session clerk of the Parish Church is a great source of information and David Meldrum who is linked with LLCC library.


Please email under the heading Curriculum meeting with when it would best suit you to come into school ( times and days) to continue our work on this exciting project which will benefit our children.


Thank you for your support.