Loose Parts

Play with loose parts enables children to interact/experiment with materials in order to learn and create. Play is open ended and creative with no specific instructions. It has multiple outcomes with no inevitable end product (unlike a jigsaw for example).  Play promotes discovery and new ways of critical thinking through problem solving and interactions.

 Studies have shown that loose parts ‘increased children’s collaboration, negotiation skills, risk taking, conflict resolution, communication and problem solving.’ Adults reported ‘loose parts enhanced social-emotional growth and encouraged learning language, shape, properties, numbers, matching and sorting’’.

 There are seven types of loose parts are:

Nature Based                Wood Reuse                         Plastic                       Metal

Ceramic/Glass                        Fabric/Ribbon                    Packaging


If you have any of these items don’t throw them out hand them into the school.


Want to find out more about loose parts please come into Nursery and P1/2 on Friday 23 March at 9am to see them in action.