Homework for Tuesday 31st January

Homework for Tuesday 31st January

If you are sending any work to me, please ensure you use NJMarshall@pkc.gov.uk, as there is more than one Nicola Marshall who works for P&KC! Or send to Arngask@pkc.gov.uk

Health/Maths/ Literacy: Working together with your parents (as they have lots of good ideas…and you might need their help) can you come up a with a plan for your enterprise project/ scheme…..You might have headings of equipment needed, initial funding, costs, advertising, who your target customers are……

Spelling: Write your sp. words 3 times at home (LSCWC). Complete the following activities using all of your words: WORD SEARCH (made by a partner) and 6 sentences including some Scots’ words.

HELP: Does anyone have any daffodil bulbs they would like to donate to the school for a large Arngask sign? It’s too late to plant now but can keep until September. Thank you

All work should be neatly presented, using your best handwriting including the date

For Information:

PE is on Tuesday so you need indoor and outdoor kit.

Please ensure you have indoor shoes to change into also.