Session 3 - Maths

This session is going to look at the progression in children's learning in number from P1-7.

Miss Hogg will provide attendees with a progression in number hand-out.

The main focus of this session will be to look at resources children use in school. This is an opportunity to discuss how children learn Maths and explore the tools we use in school to help support Maths learning.

Please note that further Maths sessions will be held in coming months and will focus on each level separately and in more detail (Early, First and Second).



Please find attached a copy of this sessions PPT - /docs/Maths_Workshop_for_parents.pptx

There are lots of resources online to help you support your child's learning in Maths. In the above PPT I (Miss Hogg) have selected some websites which are guaranteed to provide you with useful tools for maths learning at home. Please contact me if you need support to navigate around any of the recommended websites.