Our School

Our Vision

At the start of Session 2016-2017 we revised our school vision so that if reflected our curriculum rationale.

Our vision is to create a school community where children can
be the best they can be.

Achieving Determined Dynamic Family


 School Aims
These are our school aims.  They
were created by pupils, parents and staff during session 2012-2013.  We will revise our aims during session 2017-2018.

Deliver the highest quality learning and teaching.
To work effectively in partnership with our parents, carers and community.
Deliver the highest quality learning and teaching.
To raise attainment through Literacy, Numeracy and Health& Wellbeing.
To strive for continuous improvement and excellence.
To ensure all our pupils are safe, happy and achieving their full potential.
To develop skills for life, learning and work.
To celebrate attainment, achievement and diversity.
To provide effective transitions at all stages.

Primary Three to Six pupils were given the opportunity to discuss and comment on the aims devised by staff and parents.

Pupils were given the challenge to create a design for our school aims.  The winning design was created by Elliot Wilkins.

Our Values
In May 2018 pupils, staff and parents voted to keep the following values:

 being respectful, kind, responsible, honest, include others, tolerance and safe

Designs are currently underway to display them within the shape of our school badge.  Watch this space for the winning design...